Increase Funding.
Decrease Costs.

Automatic money back. Real-time donations. Engaged supporters.

Make Your Fundraising Fundrolling.

It just happens. You sign up for Shop2Give; your supporters sign up to support you. Each time they purchase through the Shop2Give app, you get an automatic 2% back at no cost to you or them. Make the mobile commerce boom earn for your non-profit: that's every smartphone or online checkout at one of 100,000 retail and restaurant locations nationwide.

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Increase your donations, not your workload.

Once you set up your platform, supporters have three simple ways to give: 2% back at every check-out, one-tap add-ons at any point of purchase, and free-rein funding whenever they choose. Our online Success Center lets you manage campaigns, track supporters and donations, upload event photos, and prompt givers with pre-built templates, conveniently from your computer.

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Put your cause in supporters' pockets.

The Shop2Give app shows supporters your face at every purchase. Our app populates with your own branding on the giver's phone or device. Meeting a quarterly campaign goal? They will know. Address them immediately through the app and engage them in extra giving.

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Lower your payment processing fees.

We make sure non-profits make the most of e-donations. We leverage the lowest payment processing fees so you can spend on your cause where it counts. We provide cents-on-the-dollar flat fees for stored value and e-check payments, 2% on credit card payments, and charge a flat fee of just 1% for each transaction.

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