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Your purchases support causes close to your heart.

Support causes you love.

Now you can support the causes you love, just by shopping. When you use the Shop2Give app to buy online or in stores, your cherished cause earns 2% back at every checkout at no additional cost to you. Want to give more? Designate a dollar amount with one tap when you buy -- your charity collects every cent.

Give simply.

It's easy: download the FREE Shop2Give app and choose your charity. The Shop2Give app reflects your unique charity's missions, events and campaigns. Hassle-free giving is in the palm of your hand: shop for 2% back to your charity, add on at checkout, and even donate directly at any time.

Give whenever. Wherever.

You can boost your cause whenever you turn on your phone. Shop2Give lets you give directly at any time. We bring the latest news to you: keep up with campaigns just by using the app. You can push your charity's fundraising goals over the top, anytime, even while you're racing for the cure. No messy mailers or overnight telethon viewing required.

Spend freely.

Every dollar counts, for you and your cause. That’s why Shop2Give offers your non-profit the lowest payment processing fees - it’s how we make it possible for you to give while you spend. When you pay through the app using your computer or mobile device, low purchase fees let us reward your non-profit automatically. The process costs them less so you can give them more.

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